Who or what is colectivo?

colectivo is a collective located within the "Kommune Uthlede" in Germany. We are one woman and three men who believe that the current social conditions are unbearable and have to be abolished. But how? We do not have simple answers to this not entirely new question. But we have some ideas with which we want to explore paths and meanders in a society without exploitation and suppression. Within the framework of colectivo this includes to experiment with alternative forms of production and distribution of everyday life objects as well as to raise the question of our own conditions of wage labour.

With colectivo we intent to connect counter-economy and counter-information in a collective structure. For that purpose we want to distribute and make things available for people via Internet but also on a local context. Things that call for a life of resistance and put forward ideas to create a liberated society by their way of production. On the one hand, that includes books and other media that tell about a world free of domination and power structures and about the numerous struggles for it. On the other hand, that comprises food, clothing and other daily products produced in collectives, communes or in some cooperatives. For us, they already today present examples and experiments for other ways of working and different forms of production. This fundamental emphasis on the relations of production we consider as a clear dissociation from the organic, fair trade and sustainability hype that is rampant today In our view, this hype contributes to the renewal of power structures rather than overcoming them.

However, colectivo means for us that we are able to make a living from it. We do not want to accumulate wealth, though. Rather it is important for us to pay attention to comprehensible pricing and to fund political movements with money beyond our personal needs.